Intermittent Amnesiacs Need Not Apply

SMS conversation with my ex last night:

him: Are u going 2 the race tonight?
me: Nope. Staying in tonight. Too many ppl each year.
him: Booo
me: LOL. I told you I wasn’t going last night.
him: I can’t remember what i did 5 min ago let alone what someone told me

I have to assume at that point that he meant to type “last night” but forgot what he was in the middle of doing and just pressed SEND.

Sometimes it’s good to have gentle reminders of why an ex is an ex. I’m pretty surprised that he even remembered to drop me a line after I gave him my card. Of course, I barely remember doing that myself as I was pissed as a fart at the time, but at least I do remember it. 😛

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