Yes I am, since unless you look like this:


chances are, you ain’t getting any attention. You can also look like the other end of the extreme which is more “rugged faux-masculine” generally with a military haircut.

Now I can’t deny that it’s what I’m looking for too, however it’s not what I look LIKE, therefore I get the nice comments like “Nice webpage” or “nice looking guy”, and then when someone who looks like that wanders in, or at least has a description or picture similar to that, the nice comments I got look like candle flames next to halogen lamps. Yes, this is me whining about being single, but it’s more a whine about not seeing any path OUT of being single, the “ideal of cute” in the community is just not what I am. Unless of course I double my muscle mass, shave my head and suddenly THEN I’m every man’s fantasy. *feh* I’m too old (or maybe too young) to have to deal with race issues when all I’m looking for is a nice guy to date.

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