Oatmeal first thing in the morning is truly a good thing. Well Joey wanted to meet for breakfast, but had to cancel, so I hope to catch up with him again soon. So odd that he gets to this area so much, hardly seems like they should have moved him.

Last night was a good time, I was actually feeling social as the day moved on, so the only drawback to being in costume was that it was COLD!! Neither Shawn nor I won the costume contest which, in all honesty, was such a joke. But let’s face it, in a gay bar, the only costumes that win are drag or something showing a lot of skin, though the winner last night was a dead-on Dr. Frank-N-Furter from RHPS, so no real complaints about that.

I’ve got to pack for this weekend. Probably won’t be blogging at all from Savannah, ‘cos I’m not sure where I’d jack in. More later…

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