food: a tasty trilogy

Tasty Trilogy!

It’s been quite the day today, but sometimes it’s all worth it knowing you’ve got something tasty to come home to. This was truly slow meets fast, as the pulled chicken sat all day in the crock pot while the spinach and mashed potatoes were quickly steamed in the microwave. I’m really putting the pot to work, seeing all that it can do and frankly, there’s nothing better than the smell of Sweet Baby Ray’s in the kitchen all day long.

But my friend and co-worker Betsy’s back in the office and once again the job that really should be handled by more than one person is being done so. We’ve got a winter storm warning or watch–I can never tell the difference between them–for this week, so everyone do the snow dance:

calvin snow dance

And hopefully we’ll get a nice big snowstorm! I’m stocked up on food, sadly I’m out of milk, so my milk, bread, eggs and toilet paper pyramid is shot, but I’ll manage without french toast should we get snowed in! :mrgreen:

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2 Responses

  1. Lolypup says:

    While the “pulled chicken” made this southern boy cringe, I was happy to see Calvin in his famous, “Please God, let it snow!” mode!

    Life should always be so simple!

  2. Herb says:


    latest entry: Aretha Says "S-H-U-T-U-P"

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