and to think, most people enjoy coming home

So I’m here now after a cancelled flight, a 4 hour wait in the DC airport, then delayed flights all the way here. I start “travel” at 2:30pm, don’t get home until around midnight. It would have been shorter if I drove. Perhaps a nasty letter to USAir about it. That was the one thing that really irked me, all the people with USAir kept saying “We realize you have a choice of airlines and we thank you for choosing us.” like they knew that choice wasn’t gonna stick past today. I just don’t get it. Mom says they probably wait until they see I’m flying, but I wonder if there’s a website for airline gripes, ‘cos a lot of frequent travelers there had similar problems that didn’t just involve yesterday. It’s not even a holiday weekend. At this rate I’m glad I’m not coming home for Thanksgiving.

We’re driving to Savannah today, so I haven’t even had to unpack anything, just grab a shower and throw the shorts on. That is one nice thing, even when the people here say it’s chilly out, it’s so NOT.

Well I should get a shower and get going. My father is so odd about travel, he won’t tell anyone his plans, then gets all upset when we “mess them up” by not being able to read his mind. *oy*

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