187, today’s number is 187. We are pleased with this number, and we look forward to its gradual decline over the next few weeks. (un?)Fortunately I’m finally over all my sickness issues and other issues that really need not have been blogged about. I don’t care if some health issues are really common and everyone has them or has had or will have them… some things you don’t need to share.

low-rise briefsOn the other hand I will share that low-rise jeans really need to fit you exactly, or you really can’t get away with wearing regular undies with them, or any at all sometimes. Whoever came up with this whole low-rise thing for guys, give me a time machine and allow me to go back and guide him or her into another profession. I couldn’t believe I was actually shopping for low-rise undies, I felt like such a gay. I also need to find some new swim trunks for the beach trip and any other random pool or hot tub party that may come up. I guess it’s summer shopping time in general, which is cool as I could certainly use a freshening up in the closet.

BofA has an interesting promotion for museums in the Northeast, show your creds and get free admission.

Any experts or just opinionated voices on the following things, comment or give me a jingle: 401(k) plans, homebrewed DVD authoring (Mac/PC), new/old music I just simply shouldn’t be without, road trip/vacation ideas, good DC brunch spots, upcoming concerts… that’s all I can think of for now.

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