shut up and reboot

I’ve said before, I play in an online role-playing game, characters are generated as superheroes.. and like most role-playing (rp) games, I put a lot of work into my character and had planned out a future for it. Only now the Admins (one of which I guess I am, though I had no say in this) want to reboot the MUSH, in essence having everyone scrap their players or roll them back to a previous point with less ability. Why am I not fond of this suggestion? ‘cos my character had saved up a lot of experience points (the currency for upgrading one’s character) and was planning a major change. And now all that saving up amounts for nothing. It’s like ignoring job offers for months ‘cos you’re so SURE you’re going to get that promotion and then at the last minute, not only do you not get the promotion, but you find you’ve been demoted one or two levels as well.

Hmm.. that smacks a little too closely on my real job, actually. I really like the “business card” image I created down below. I should make it clickable to get to my homepage, though. Well, that’s something to work on today, perhaps.

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