stay in bed, forget the rest

I am floating high on daytime cold meds at the moment… In the weekly meeting this morning, I was absolutely fascinated with my pen’s see-through ink chamber. Right now I’m just pretty loopy, in the quiet way, it’ll take me a few seconds to realize someone’s talking to me, or to finish typing a sentence (including these). It’s the trade-off for not coughing and sniffling and sneezing, so I’ll take it.

It was a pretty fun weekend, happy hour and gaming on Friday. I will make a note to eat lunch on those days though, 1 martini was pretty much enough to annihilate me… and I had 3. The game was good, but we could benefit from a slightly faster pace. We definitely made progress, and it may have felt slow because I knew that my energy level was going to drop drastically around midnight so I wanted to get things done before I totally crashed.

Saturday I got my Peapod delivery and I’m still very pleased with it. I go to the fridge and there’s FOOD in there, and all I had to do was wake up and get dressed! 🙂 I continued my cleaning and tv watching instead of resorting to the usual online gaming.

I met up with Greg at Pentagon City, actually ran into Josh while waiting for Greg to arrive. Josh got new contacts and while it was nice to see his eyes fully open without glasses on, they weren’t settling quite right so he’s due for an adjustment/replacement before his holiday travel. Greg and I attacked the mall, our strategy being to get clothes for Brian and José’s party that evening. He found a great shirt at Express Men (the store formerly known as Structure) and I found good shirts at Macy’s and Banana Republic, I also got 2 new pairs of shoes at Steve Madden (buy one, get 2nd 50% off). I used to be a serious Kenneth Cole, Reaction and Unlisted shoe fan, but lately Maddens are working really well for me and the pair I wore to the party got more than a few compliments and they feel good/fit well so I’m pleased with them.

Brian and José put together one heck of a nice party. Their house is lovely, full of personality and their taste in wine is superb. One of things I really like about holiday parties (ok, one of the ONLY things) is meeting new people and hearing new stories, their friend GC is a riot and many thanks to the friend that supplied us with some (sac)religious eye candy later in the evening. The secret to me converting to Catholicism may be to surround me with hunky priests. I now know more about Advent than I ever knew (or probably wanted to) before.

Sunday the weekend’s revelry caught up with me… either that or all the great wine I had at the party, and I spent most of the day on the couch catching up on TiVo and napping to French & Saunders dvds. I headed out to get some cold medicine and a newspaper and was feeling energetic enough to focus on City of Heroes/Villains a bit in the evening before bed.

When I got to the office this morning, my co-workers let me know that I won an award at the office holiday party (the same night as Brian’s party, no contest which one I wanted to go to). It’s some kinda of President’s performance award or something. I dunno if it comes with money or just a plaque and picture with the CEO. So somehow through the haze of cold meds, I’m managing to stay up and alert… but hell I already won the award, who cares now? 😛

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