Fairly non-notable weekend, actually

I’d decided to devote the weekend, or large parts of it, to playing my City of Heroes character Starchilde as she was at level 39 and was long overdue to reach level 40, so I managed to do that… fairly quickly, and just kept on going, she’s about 80% of the way to 41. To be a total game metadata geek, I downloaded a program, HeroStats, that tracks the games files and lets you know things like how long it will take powers to recharges, what types of powers have been cast on you and keeps track of your experience earned and makes estimates of not only how much you’re earning per minute, but how long, at that rate, it will take you to reach the next level. It’s totally geeky, but still fun.

So Friday evening was all about the game, I made a steak for dinner with rice and steamed carrots and I’m loving the freezer bags, thaw the meat in them, then pop whatever seasoning or marinade in the bag and let it stew before cooking. Yum.

Saturday I woke up to a little more gaming and then some tidying up the place. I chatted with Jenifer and we met up for lunch in Chinatown at La Tasca (that apparently also has a Desperate Housewives viewing party every Sunday) – Spanish Tapas. Quite yummy, but their chicken on skewers was dry, and I tried fried baby octopus. Not bad, but so chewy.

cracked cheesecake.. goodSaturday evening I made a cheesecake, turned out well, though I didn’t place anything under the springform pan, it’s a new pan and I’m used to my old pans that are tighter around the rim, so some buttery sugary crust liquid leaked onto the oven floor and made SUCH a smokiness in the place. I’m still opening the windows for fresh air to get the scent out, and my smoke alarm went off once during baking, but oh well, it turned out well, even if cracked. I made it for dessert while watching the Ocars with ES the next evening. I heard from him about it on Saturday after he hadn’t said anything all week about the invite I extended, but he’s been in a mood, so I figured 1) I’d let him do his own thing if necessary and 2) If he’s gonna be moody/grumpy, I don’t want to have him over! The evening was more City of Heroes while baking and with dinner and then some Dr. Who while in bed since my eyes were all wonky from playing video games too long.

Sunday was.. yes, more City of Heroes (I have to get my addiction out in weekend spurts), but tidying up and making food and sorting laundry and junk mail and bills, etc. I kept hearing about snow, but they kept waffling on exactly WHEN we were supposed to get it. The time kept getting pushed further back, I was afraid that the dumping would start in the afternoon.. then while we watched the Oscars.. then overnight.. now it’s finally snowing this morning, but man it’s really annoying to wake up to a totally clear sky and clean streets when you were hoping for massive amounts of snow. *hmph*

But the Oscars were cool. I don’t really have much comment on any of the awards, though I should have entered some contests since they were mostly predictable. Chris Rock was funny, but not over the top, some of his humor was pretty predictable. And was it me or did Robin Williams look like he’d had a stroke? (perhaps it was just nerves, he even pulled out old stage jokes of his from decades ago) I was trying to understand why 3 outta 5 of the Best Song performances were Beyonce videos, but oh well, she’s in now, I guess.

A fun weekend and I’d rather be anywhere else but here in the office, but there wasn’t enough snow to see to that. *bah*

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