Pleasure Consuming Games, April 26, 2019, at Concordia University

I am pleased, excited and more than a little stunned to say that I’ll be speaking on a panel with two other Twitch streamers at Concordia University in their Pleasure Consuming Games Workshop Series later this month.

We are thrilled to be hosting Dr. Kishonna Gray (University of Illinois – Chicago) who will give a keynote address on her research on the intersecting oppressions that manifest in games, gaming environments, and on platforms, and also how Black Gamers and Women Gamers have organized to resist and respond to these situations.

Getting more involved in video game culture, streaming, etc. especially on Twitch has led to some interesting things for me. You could never have convinced me that I’d be considered to have enough experience on this to speak on a panel, let alone at a college, so I keep wavering between, “We got this, it’s nothing like we haven’t done before,” and “OMG, wut?!”

I feel like Tanya, Will and myself have good perspectives not only on gaming culture, but experiencing it through the lens of marginalized communities: women, Black/PoC, LGBTQ, and I’m looking forward to it as a fun panel. That I can add “speaking engagement” to my credits is just a fun bonus. 🙂

Jokes aside, I really am enjoying streaming and what it shows me about the evolution of video game culture and how the freelance/gig economy intersects it. I have been around a long time (shush) and if it’s been around on the internet, I’ve definitely tried it, so seeing something that I’ve been doing a good portion of my life and derived pleasure from suddenly be launched into the zeitgeist as the “in” thing is pretty fascinating. I don’t always like the people who are launched into fame from it, but you can’t deny that video games have now re-entered as a cultural force and just like anything popular, a path to “how can I/we make money and/or get paid from it?”

The panel will be streamed on their Twitch channel (pleasureconsuminggames) so please feel free to tune and watch me pretend to be a professional for an hour or so. It should be a great time! :mrgreen:

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