a major blunder with beneficial results

Some days are just like that, y’know? Thankfully none recently. Well not too recently. I suppose my computers at home dying has produced the beneficial result of me deciding now is the time to take down and re-do the website. Though I’m sure I’ll have to work hard to get my visitors back, since the webcams will be down for a while. But at least I’ll leave the blogger up. For those people that know how to find it. Since I know a lot of people have bookmarked pages on my site, either mentally or electronically.

Today seems to be going well so far. Drinks and TV at Bronwyn’s later this evening, finished taping the new DUNE for Chris in Germany, though I may grab Shawn and watch it before I mail it off ‘cos last night’s episode (the last of 3) looked REALLY cool. I can’t tell if it feels like a multiblog day or not today. I’m a bit exhausted, but hey that’s what coffee’s for!

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