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I’m expanding!

No, that is not a reference to my waistline, though it just as well could be. My first foray in the world of web presence was a little page hosted on a free UD school account. It was frames, it...


long apathetic winter days

Taking the entire old website down and putting the new one up is about the most energetic thing I’ve done. I’m not really caring about much else, don’t want to be here at the office, not even finding much fun...


now appearing, live

Ok, so I got a wild hair and decided to teach myself a little something about networking and live video, and now I can be seen here with a little sneak peek at the new design. Eventually I’ll get my...


a major blunder with beneficial results

Some days are just like that, y’know? Thankfully none recently. Well not too recently. I suppose my computers at home dying has produced the beneficial result of me deciding now is the time to take down and re-do the website....


i’m a bad bad person

I totally forgot about the day without weblogs, ‘cos I was so wrapped up in my own dealings and going to the dentist and the urge to start working on my new look. Here’s a relevant link I hope makes...


botched facelift

Ok, the page looks different, I know. I’m in the process of making changes, and the blogger was first on the list. The links will work eventually.


retrieving new messages

Well I called buy.com about Gladiator and hopefully they’ll get that all sorted out and stuff. I have to mail it back tho, but it’s pre-paid UPS so no skin off my nose. I’m done with the Flash part of...


turn, turn, turn

So I’m gonna try a new look for the Millennium, yes the real one.. The beginnings of which are here. It’ll be rough while the changes happen, but hopefully we can all make it through!