could you be a little weak

Ok, it snowed. It was gorgeous in big white chunky flakes and then I went to bed. This morning. The gov’t was still open and I had to get my ass into work. Problem, my apartment complex didn’t feel it necessary to do anything to the streets. At one point I got a little speed up, gently tapped the brakes and slid four feet forward into a speedbump. Lovely. But I’m here. The gov’t people are having a holiday party today so I’m sure I’ll be terribly annoyed by the noise and people and food that I can’t have.

Yesterday something happened that I should have blogged. We had an employee on our contract, Karlton, who was hired to work the night shift, and the decided he didn’t want that anymore, so he left, to work on another contract in this building. Now this contract has responsibilities that are far greater than he had before. As such he constantly comes to us, his former co-workers and asks us for help. Not only is this illegal (as far as our contract rules are concerned), it just irks me to no end. If you go to interview with someone, it’s one thing to embellish, like saying you have advanced experience when you have intermediate and so on. But when you flat out don’t know your job, don’t come asking me to do it for you. And he’s black, so he probably thinks that it entitles him to the ‘brotha man’ thing, you know ‘help a brotha out’ and shit. *ugh* I didn’t yell at him last time, but I told him not to ask me anything again. I’m not his babysitter.

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