Thursdays are Funny, aren’t they?

I’ve been enjoying some recent exports from across the pond, The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle and The Peter Serafinowicz Show, both part of BBC’s Thursdays are Funny line-up — taking a page from NBC’s Must-See, perhaps? The former being Jennifer Saunders’ new series and the latter starring Serafinowicz, better known as “who?” to us here in the states, in a range of comedy sketches taking the piss out of various television shows and celebrities.

Vyle is, to me, anything but. However reading some reviews in the British papers, a lot of people didn’t really care for the show. It’s a black comedy, which I think many people aren’t used to from Saunders. She plays a talk show host in the Jerry Springer style, who would much rather be Oprah, but which of them wouldn’t? But the more she goes through hosting horrible guests and trying to break them down on-air, we see that her own personal life suffers similar issues. “I Married My Best Friend and Now I Want to Have My Dead Husband’s Baby” — is that the name of one of her shows, or is it a sub-plot of the first episode? You decide. 😉

Most won’t know Serafinowicz by name, but his voice would be more unmistakable than his face. He voiced Darth Maul in Phantom Menace, and has starred in small parts in shows and movies. I most immediately recognize him from his two “Look Around You” series, the send-ups of science shows. His show is rather clever, and while make-up can only do so much to mask what he looks like, many of his impressions are spot-on — his Alan Alda is very impressive. (Impressive impression… you see what I did there?) He takes on infomercials, entertainment shows, acting masterclass, a particularly funny take on “Big Brother” called “Clone House” and there was a rather interesting perspective on a Sherlock Holmes drama…

[flv:queer_holmes.flv 470 260]

Please ignore the cheesy video dissolves, I don’t have a very good editing program. At least they aren’t all star wipes. 😀 I just hope these shows see some airtime on BBC America sometime soon, since my place isn’t up to hosting viewing parties just yet. I hope everyone’s enjoying the holiday weekend (those of you that get it, sorry Chris) and I really hope someone, somewhere is getting some actual Autumn weather! This heat is downright nuts!

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  1. Michael says:

    I watched the weather channel and they mentioned you guys were in the 90’s and it was going to be humid. Still, I can thank Bush and his promotion of global warming for the beautiful beach weather I had. Now it can just go away so I can enjoy Autumn weather.

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