you get what you give

If you expect more then you’re selfish, if you give more then you’re… what, stupid? Oh no, generous is the word. I’m a little peeved. This past weekend was a holiday weekend and I didn’t see one of my friends, that I normally would expect to hang out with, once. However I called, 3 or 4 times to try catching up with him. Finally Monday afternoon I get a call from him asking to hang out, I didn’t feel like doing what he suggested, and rather than suggest something else, he got short with me (something he does all too often), and quickly moved to end the call. This isn’t the first time I’ve been subjected to such behavior.

What really gets me is that the week I was sick and not really interested in contacting anyone, when I finally got back to work and dropped him an e-mail, his first reply was “It would have been nice to know you weren’t dead in a ditch or something.” When he hadn’t even tried calling me or e-mailing me at home.

Truly only your best friends can annoy you the worst sometimes.

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