hot or not?

And today’s web-find:
[ ]
(6/5/02 ed. note: the pic has since changed, however he’s on the left now)

No, there’s nothing spectacular about him, but he does have a job, his own website, and seems pretty well spoken. Of course I have no idea if he’s gay or not, but lookin’ never hurt anyone (much). And lately I’m wondering if that’s all I’m really looking for. This is fueled by spending time on AOL, which seems to be no good in any conceivable manner. The men there come across as pigs, only interested in dick, dick and more dick. The problem, where does one meet quality guys? Let’s look at the options… Bars, Online (aol, irc, icq, yahoo), Personal ads, Dating websites. None of which have helped me at all. And the guys that I do meet either don’t want a relationship right now (which usually puts them in the pigs category), or generally aren’t interested in me in that way.

Well I have high hopes for Sean, when I visit him in April, so we’ll see.

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