I was on the phone with Michael the other night, and we were talking about things, and I was relating the Al situation, and I again said that Al was “the perfect guy”, and then he stopped me and said well that’s not true otherwise it would have worked out, so I further classified that Al is the perfect “type”, but not the perfect guy for me. And I thought about that. Generally guys that are the perfect type, end up being good friends, or due to mistakes they or I make, we date and then never talk to one another again.

I suppose in life, when you match the perfect type with the perfect guy, then that’s that. One hopes, anyway.

Yesterday I stayed home from work due to, I believe, stress-induced illness. For a fake illness, it sure hurt like a bitch, but I got some things done around the apt, made an ok dinner, then headed over to NIH to meet Michael (who answered one of Gene’s ads) and his friend Jon (who dated Gene years ago), (Gene’s another story entirely) to see Willy Wonka as part of a summer film festival they have there. It was great fun, even if I did nearly realize one of my big fears: getting caught on the metro unable to get home. I managed to make it home though, so no big deal, even tried the warm milk thing before bed last night and I think it worked like a charm, though I had a little trouble getting out of bed this morning. Going to bed at midnight will do that to you, I suppose.

I’m really trying to want to do something this weekend, on my own if necessary. Some of my friends are too undependable to ask to hang out. Like Chris who’ll say he’s free, then 20 mins later remember he has plans, but if they fall through… Michael sometimes just wants to do too much, and living on the end of town he does, he’s more inclined to do things out that way. It’s not impossible for me to get there, but sometimes, not wanting to drive too much, and having to ride the metro for about an hour isn’t a very attractive prospect. But I do suppose it’s better than just sitting around at home on my own, with nothing but online activities. I dunno. I could use more friends as well, more people to hang out with and do things with, and not just when it’s good for them.

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