blood is a powerful sign

Ok, I finished Stigmata, it’s one hell of a book. Briefly, it’s about a woman, Elizabeth DuBose, who receives a trunk of belongings from her grandmother and great-great-grandmother. This triggers flashes of memory from their lives, even causing her to exhibit wounds and scars from her great-grandmother’s time as a slave. Her family has her institutionalized, and we initially join her when she is released. The book jumps back and forth in time over a span of about 10 years or so from the “present”, and it’s wonderful. Most prevalent in the book is that Elizabeth’s (Lizzie) grandmother Grace left her family, suffering from the same memories. And now Lizzie must form a sort of double reconciliation with her own mother as both mother and daughter, the mother for leaving her then, and the daughter for “leaving” (being put in the hospital) her now.

Just one more book I’m tearing through. I think I’ll loan it to Joyce, I think she’d enjoy it. I made another purchase on ebay. Frivolous? Yeah, but I wanted a pair of clear frames, and new sunglasses and these will fit the bill as both. Hugh suggested I get some pseudo-intellectual, yet cute, glasses. So we’ll see.

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