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I think it takes times like this to remind people that we’re very insecure (not emotionally). Yesterday and this morning I saw co-workers griping about the increased security in the building. We are now restricted to two entrances, and at each one is stationed a guard who may search your bag, or run it through an x-ray machine, and a metal detector which everyone must walk through.

They gripe now. But they are more than willing to have token guards year-round that just sit there, and nod at us, waving people on through. Honestly, I was more upset ‘cos the guards, outside contractors really, sit there all the time and discuss football, flirt with the ladies to walk by and god forbid a real emergency took place, ‘cos I certainly wouldn’t be depending upon them to save my ass.

Regardless, I see this step up in security, and as always, it will last a few months and then things will go back to normal. Why? For the same reason that International flights are subject to so much more security than domestic flights. We simply don’t want to be bothered. Don’t tell us we can’t curbside check our bags, or that we can’t take our e-tickets right to the gate and check in there. We won’t stand for it for long. I know we’ll be recovering from this tragedy for a long while, but I don’t necessarily look forward to things returning to normal if it means our idea of resting easy means letting security precautions slide back to the level of really just making us feel safe and secure while not actually protecting us.

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