video: been an angel all year

Since I’m stuck* at the office this morning, I figured it would be nice to share a little holiday spirit with an early present. Unfortunately, I won’t be traveling to visit the family this year and am not really looking forward to spending Christmas Eve/Day on my own, mais, c’est la vie! But enough about me, here’s your present:

[flv:kitt_santababy.flv 500 312]

I found it on the Xmas Flix YouTube Channel** and edited it down to just the original performance from the 1954 film New Faces. Unlike her later performances, it doesn’t have a lot of flash and glitz, but it’s still Eartha Kitt at her best. I hear it’s been covered a few times, but this is still my favorite.

I hope everyone traveling has made it to their holiday destinations without too much fuss and trouble and that you’re all on track for having a wonderful Christmastime. :mrgreen:

* Stuck for just a ½-day thanks to the Prez.

** I have no qualms taking and editing this video since it’s not theirs, even though they felt the need to stamp a watermark on it as if it were theirs. This practice is far too prevalent on the web and reprehensible. If you didn’t take a photo or make the video, don’t stamp it with your name or logo† to “claim” it like Calvin pissing on a Ford/Chevy logo.

† I know that it “looks” like my site name is stamped on the videos here, but that’s part of the plug-in. The raw .flv file is unmarked if anyone wanted to use it.

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