thin and GORGEOUS

I’ve been looking at the AbFab website (the real one on BBC) and an upcoming Edina-fad has brought to mind something that I’ve been thinking about lately. DETOX. Nothing too severe, just a self-discipline regime (a slight one), perhaps brought on by my … age. (but mostly by my waist!) I’m not sure I want to drink tonight, just go out and dance and have a good time and look thin and gorgeous. As it is I barely drink at all except on the weekends and am often driven to drink a little too much via peer pressure, yes I know the pressure’s all in my head, but it’s real nonethless in effect.

I acknowledge my personal issues. I have a self-esteem problem, I have a body image problem. I know these things. But I also know that I’m not that unattractive, I can dress to look good, even when I’m dressed down. Still it would be nice to go to an outlet and find clothes in my size as well ‘cos I was able to drop 1-2 waist sizes. As for the inseam problem… well that can’t be helped. I found some great looking pants, but they were all too short for me.

Thing is, issues like these are like forbidden subjects, so no one ever discusses them. It can make you feel really alone at times. Damn those body issues.

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