not so terribly bad

… not so terribly bad …

For the start of the week. I stayed home yesterday not feeling too well, but I got cleaning and packing and trash tossing and goodwill bagging done. Now I just have to find a Goodwill in the area to drop the stuff off at. A lot of it was old t-shirts and sweaters that I hadn’t unpacked since I moved… to DC and they just sat in the same duffle bag for the longest time. I have yet to do the same with my normal closet, though I know there’s an entire section that could just go away. The only things I saved were my ’96 Atlanta Olympics Honor Band t-shirt, my Delta Lambda Phi fraternity shirt, and… two white shirts that could be dyed, or have a ironed on them. And one black structure shirt that I used to wear all the time and have yet to see if I can still wear it. Everything else went to charity. I feel pretty good about that too. Also tossed a lot of old games that I just don’t play anymore. The only ones I saved were Zeus, and the Magic: The Gathering games, ‘cos I still love that game no matter what. So the computer area is looking a lot lighter.

I just wish I were stronger about throwing stuff away. It’s really hard to just DO it. I have some boxes that I haven’t opened since my move to VA and I’m fairly certain that a lot of what I consider “keepsakes” are nothing but. They’re so much so, that I don’t even put them out anyplace to be seen. So remaining in boxes is a prime candidate for tossing out.

I got an answer to my ad the other day and replied to it, and back and forth, etc, etc. He’s driving over this evening for dinner and possibly some Enterprise watching. Seems like a nice enough guy, but can’t say much more until I get to know him a little better. At least he understands the rules for not being able to show up for a planned date. He says he knows Virgos well, so we’ll see what his fore-knowledge does for him. I tend to be typical Virgo in some ways, and in others, the books are so wrong.

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