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I went duckpin bowling. A very interesting experience, nothing like regular bowling. Well except for the pins, the ball, the scoring and all that. But your usual bowling experience won’t be applied too much to duckpin bowling. In any case, we ended up doing that mainly ‘cos every bowling alley we went to on Saturday night was packed. I don’t know who declared Saturday as “bowling is cool” night, but everywhere we went had at least a 35-40 min wait.

Though its good that I got out of the house, at least. Kept me from having a one-man pity party. I cut my hair, much shorter than usual, and I’m not sure that I like it very much, but what’s done is done until it grows back. Perhaps something new will work well for me. Dunno. Had lunch with Adam on Sunday, which wasn’t horrible, but I dunno what’s with him. He’s nice, but I feel like every time he looks at me it’s with that “I wish we were back together” look in his eyes. Which is odd, since when we were together in the first place, it was little more than sexual escapades mixed with the inability to carry on a relationship in any other fashion, which was fine with me, but not fine with him.

And Jamie dropped me an e-mail, someone I haven’t talked to in a while. There are guys on AOL that I talk to from time to time, but since I get so fed up with AOL every now and again they come around like a planetary orbit. Jamie’s a nice guy but in NY, and it seems that everytime I do see him, he wants to relate an anecdote of his recent sex club visit. Ah well, one deals with single life however they choose, I suppose.

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