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One thing that really sucks, is to go through an entire day on a weekend and not have your phone ring once. Not even from a sales call or bill collector. The problem with certain stages of lonliness is usually after you’ve gone through the time when you do call people to see what’s going on, you get to that point where you’re testing them. Sad but true. You wait to see if they’ll call you. It’s one of those lovely games we humans play with ourselves. “Well I called them last time, so they should call me this time,” and so on. Regardless, I have to realize that my number of friends is smaller than the fingers on one of my hands, so I should be glad for what I have. By friends, I mean the people that I know directly, and as such are my ‘points of contact’. None of the second-level friends contact me directly, always going through the point of contact, so they’re like the extras that arrive when I hang out with certain people. It doesn’t stop me from wishing that I’d get a call once in a while, and that it would be something reasonable that I’d actually want to do and can get there in enough time without killing myself. Considering that for most things people do it’s going to take me 30-60 mins to get *to* them, let alone to what they want to do.

It would figure the one time that Michael and Jon do something that’s in my neck of the woods, they wouldn’t tell me until the last minute. Happily fate works in such a way that I’d done it already, so it was a moot point I guess.

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