Goin’ for the silver.. or the bronze!

Our Week Fifteen Standings are as follows:

TEAM STANDINGS: PL PT TM TEAM NAME MEMBERS 01 71 08 BEAVERS (Wiener/Bryant/Kessner/Colgan) 02 66 13 THE HORNDOGS (Potter/Mosley/Sumner/Walsh) 03 65 16 SLAP AND TICKLE (Gray/Mansperger/Maroon/Gates) 04 62 09 MECIAS PANTING HOES (Wright/Avila/Rose/Engle) 05 61 05 8 BALLS - 4 PINS (Schug/Purdy/O’Leary/Miller) 06 61 14 BLUE EYES (Ward/Krenkel/Knapp/Guantt) 07 60 19 LATIN PINGAS (Miser/Churchill/Hernandez/Laughman) 08 59 26 BOOBS AND BALLS (Tyner/Odosso/Curtiss/Wasser) 09 59 04 URSA MINERS (Alward/Poplin/Haines/Braden) 10 56 24 MAMAS BOYS (Willison/Black/Wood/Chmielewski)

Yowza.. 3rd place… I never would have thought it. We’ve definitely had an interesting season in the rankings, but we’re staying on top, and probability says that there’s a chance that we could wind up in 2nd place. All I know is that if we win 2 of our 3 games, I’ll be happy, since that will secure us the 3rd place spot at the least. There’s no way we can rise to 1st place, but it feels great to be within scratching distance of it. Plus there’s always the money.. money’s a good thing.

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