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I had a fairly crappy weekend, so I won’t really go into it, except to say that some people I call friends, are about to start bein’ called “people I know”. In any case, I think I’m done with the bathroom and it looks the way I want. Not that much could be done with it, as it was a small room. I replaced the light bulbs over the mirror with those GE Reveal bulbs. And lemme tell ya, the commercials don’t lie. I was nearly blinded the first time I turned the lights on. So I went to Home Depot and got a dimmer switch and put it in. For no other real reason than to see if I could do it and not kill myself or screw anything else up. Which I managed to do. Also put up a new shower curtain from Restoration Hardware, Turkish Terry Cloth. It’s nice, and helps the place stay bright, which I’ve realized I have to do in this place. Natural light is at a real premium, unfortunately. I got a glass and metal shelving unit over the toilet and pretty much that was it. Overall cost was perhaps $80? Now I just have to keep it all clean!

So for the bedroom, I’m thinking about a new bedframe, this one, and from that central focus devised a little shopping list at Target. If you’d care to follow along: Steel Folding Screen, Satin-Steel Torchiere, Glass Uplight Accent Lamp, White Maple 4-Shelf Bookcase, Maple & Silver TV Stand.

A combination of those should fill out the room nicely, reduce the amount of clutter I have in there now. I still have to find a dresser of some kind as well, but I’m sure I can shop around and find one.

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