… revelations …

well the guy from bowling, so far, has turned out to be just like any other man. he’s got a boyfriend, but that didn’t stop him from flirting with me wildly. so i’m keeping my distance on that one, since I’m not sure I buy the fact that you’ve been seeing someone for 18 months and living with them for the past 6 is something that can “slip your mind”. But it does explain why he never gave me his home number. Like Edina said, “Always get his number ‘cos he’ll never call ya back.”

Oh, and I removed the dimmer switch from the bathroom, a fairly easy operation. For some reason it was making the outlet in there act strangely, in that it would only work when the lights were turned out, and while they were out, the level of “dimness” would affect the output of power supplied. So I figure that my apartment is just wired in a freaky way. Oh well.

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