Uplifting soul

On the bright side, I have the new album from Joss Stone on my iPod and am enjoying a listen with my morning coffee.
This is some pretty amazing stuff considering she’s a 17 year old girl from Devon, UK. It’s like I’ve found my Lisa Stansfield for the new generation.
And my weekly horoscope: The Sun and Mercury are encouraging you to talk about your experiences, needs, and desires. What are your financial goals for the year ahead? If you haven’t thought about any of this, then perhaps it is time to. You also need to think about where your relationship is going, as it has been changing a lot recently. Mars squares Uranus over the weekend, creating a rather reckless influence, so again don’t do anything rash, especially where your career is concerned. Take a deep breath and stay calm.
Ah, that last sentence is coming in very handy this morning.

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