horoscope – Virgo

… Virgo …

You started all of this, but –with or without your permission — someone else is intent on finishing it for you. A collaborative effort is out of your hands, so why spend your time worrying about it? You should know by now that planning only works among people who are receptive to your methods. Trying to convince someone of something they don’t want to believe is a nearly impossible task. After this, maybe you should be a little more careful about choosing who will bear your secrets.

Ok, so what brought this on? Just more realization that I don’t know how much longer I can take working at this place. I think I’m figuring out the number one detriment to my writing (for personal enjoyment, that is). Depression. It just knocks the words right off into oblivion, ‘cos I can’t think about anything else other than how miserable I am. Let me preface by saying that my trip to NJ was fantastic, but more about that later. I left on Monday, but came into the office at 6 that morning until 11:30 before heading to the train station. I made myself available all that time to do the things I’d been tasked to on a certain project. I checked and double checked with people before I left. These were people that I’d told I was leaving before, so they should have known that I wouldn’t be directly available for things. I even called back from the train station to tell my manager something that I forgot before I left. Then I had a nice time in NJ. I get back on Tuesday night and against my better judgement I check my work e-mail to find that there were changes needed (of course) in my absence. And no one called me. Now I did find out today that someone *paged* me, however I’m guessing that our network don’t reach as far north as New Jersey. Still, my manager has my cell phone number and my personal e-mail address. There is no way that anyone can say I was out of reach. However since it’s easier to point the fingers at the lowest person on the totem pole, I’m sure I’ll be blamed. Even though one would think that since I’m the one doing the most work, they might want to save the blame game and just let me get on with doing it.

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