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… life less abnormal …

Things have been pretty mundane for the past week or so, nothing terribly noteworthy. The downside? There’s been nothing terribly noteworthy. This past weekend was ok, on Friday I attended a movie night with the local gay/lesbian sci-fi club, two of the members host Star Wars viewings at their place, leading up towards the release of the Clone movie which will be a planned movie outing, I’m sure. Saturday wasn’t much of anything, I kept thinking that I might go out someplace, but I wasn’t really in the mood to spend money, and I wasn’t feeling in much a mood to go someplace and people watch, so I ended up not doing much of anything. Michael called and we kinda-sorta made plans, which later fell through due to his not really feeling like it and my getting a headache that continued for a few hours into the evening. Sunday was a bit better, made a conscious effort to just sit around and relax. Worked for the most part, did the usual Sunday chores, laundry and such, then Sunday evening met up with some guys from the scifi club at the Smithsonian to see a special showing of an IMAX film on the Space Station. Very cool, as I’ve never seen IMAX in 3D, but even more so it was nice to just hang out with people with similar interests that just wanted to have a good time, no ulterior motives, just friendship.

It’s sort of put me off men for a while. In the sense that everyone I meet is a potential date. I’d rather just enjoy people’s presence and have a good time. Now how long this feeling will last, I cannot say, but in general there isn’t anyone right now who’s status is unclear. Maybe its time for me to just have friends and be content with that. It’d be nice to have people to call up and do something without all this pressure of “does he like me?” “do I like him?” “is this a date” and so on.

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