pain in the ass

… pain in the ass …

I hate being sick. I hate the fact that something can happen to your body that is just totally NOT the way things should be. I also don’t handle being sick well, I’m an anti-baby about it. I never need anything, I don’t want help, can’t stand going to the doctor, and rarely do.

Then of course there’s the other kind of being sick. Something physical, you pull something or strain something, or in my current case, something else happens that’s rather unexpected and uncomfortable. You can function, sure, but you’d rather just be sitting in bed and letting whatever it is pass with time, or heal up or stop swelling or whatever. But you can’t. Life doesn’t work that way. Especially not for me, the anti-baby, who sure as hell isn’t giving up his earned sick time to lie in bed and do nothing.

There is a saying, “Pain is just your body’s most effective way of getting your attention about something that you really need to know.” And when it comes to leaning against a hot stove, or accidentally pricking a finger, or biting into a jalapeno pepper, I’m all fine with that. But once I get the message, GOD I wish my body would stop sending it. As is my way, I actually did some research on what I’ve got, which I won’t say here, ‘cos even though 1 in every 3 people experience it at some point in their lives, I’m fairly sure the real statistic is that maybe 1 in every 2 actually tell others about it unless absolutely necessary. So for friends that ask, I let them know I’m having a minor medical problem, and leave it at that. To bad it isn’t something really serious, ‘cos at least then a hospital stay could help me shed some pounds. *kidding*

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