get out of the f***ing nest already…

I just sent what, I hope, is my last e-mail to the landlord regarding the apartment (with a cc: to the ex-roomie as well). He wanted confirmation that the security deposit is the ex-roomie’s, and since I’m pretty sure that it is, I gave my ok to give it to him.. it’s a small price to pay. In this e-mail I had to state that I haven’t heard anything from the ex-roomie.. at all.. regarding last details to the apartment. Up until now I didn’t think it proper to say anything about the fact that there’s been no communication, since I didn’t want the landlord freaking out… but at this point, I’m out.. ex-roomie’s out.. I *guess* and there’s nothing more to be done about it.
I think I still harbor some anger over the situation, but mostly I’m disappointed. I like to believe that people can be much more than they give themselves credit for, they just have to want it. I had originally thought that if I threw an apartment/house-warming party, that I would invite the ex-
roommate, but now that thought’s been burned out of my head like a spliff in Amsterdam (which would also explain the euphoria).
I still don’t feel “at home” in the new place yet, though I am cooking, and soon, likely this weekend, I may bake cookies for gaming on Saturday. Mostly, it feels lonely from time to time. Now true to my feline characteristics.. sometimes I really enjoy being on my own, but other times I miss the attention (active or implied) from other people. I’m sure it will be better once I’m not sidestepping boxes and items and stuff, but still it’s a little weird. I’ve been having some really misanthropic days as well. I think I need to take more walks.. get a feel for the area again. has been a very helpful guide for some essential things and I should ask him more questions, as well as visit his place, which I’ve never seen before.
For a time I put the webcam back on, but the angles that it gets are bad in the daytime, and embarrassing in the evenings.. who wants to be on cam in their dressed down, tv-watching, ice cream eatin’ clothes? If I can find the right place to put it, that’ll be better. I also hate cams that are dead on in-your-face. It’s ok for chatting, but doesn’t give one an idea of what someone’s doing when they aren’t chatting.. plus I don’t want to look like all I do at home on my own is sit at the computer! 🙂

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