who wants to be a millionaire?

… who wants to be a millionaire? …

There needs to be a special place in hell, or whatever you believe, for those people that send out, via e-mail or regular mail the “Make money fast in 15 days, ask me how!” messages.

I must be on some kind of list of deadbeats ‘cos they’ve been coming in the regular mail more and more lately. I should do what a friend of mine does and sign up for various things with a different middle initial so I can track who’s been selling my name.

Damn. I was all ready for more ranting, but someone needed help and I had to put on my nice face. *grrrrr*

So instead I’ll start my self-attended support forum. This week I’m desperately trying to not make any frivolous purchases. The worst I’ll get to, I think, is an exercise mat and some cologne. I plan to detail the things that I look at and say “Ooh, me WANT!” to try and figure out why. I’m just starting to make the change to live at or below my means as opposed to exceeding them. For the first time, I actually have money in the bank after getting paid and paying rent. That feels so good. And if I can keep that going, then when I buy things they will feel much more like a treat to myself… since I ain’t got no man to buy me gifts. Of course I say this now when just this morning I was remembering that Powerpuff Girls comes out on DVD this or next week… AND that I really would like to have Scooby Doo on DVD too. *sigh* — But must remain strong.

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