warm fuzzy

… warm fuzzy …

These two words are now off-limits to me. I don’t want to hear them anymore. But that’s the new buzzword around the office, it seems. Which is stupid since it’s not even NEW, just another recycled phrase that people use to sound effective. For the purposes of this office it means that you go reassure someone in person that you’re taking care of their problem. When my boss applies it to me, it means that I should take it upon myself to call a customer that’s actually supposed to be calling me. Nice, huh? That’s slowly becoming the largest problem here. Bad enough I have to worry about finishing my own tasks, but now I have to call everyone who’s project I’m working on every 5 minutes and make sure they’re on task too. Next I’m sure I’ll be asked to pre-chew their food and wipe their asses for them too.

Second-class citizenry really sucks.

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