free is never a bad thing, or is it?

We saw Ella Enchanted last night as a free preview screening. It was a very fun movie. I’d say it was Shrek meets The Princess Bride meets Grease meets First Knight meets Ever After, all wrapped up in a Cinderella twist. The book that it’s based on has pretty good reviews and even quite a few honors. Though one of the best parts is that the title character lives in a place called Frell. So while there was no profanity in the traditional sense, Farscape fans (including and myself) may snicker more than a few times as the word ‘Frell’ is said many times throughout the movie. It also starred Joanna Lumley in brillant casting as the Stepmother. Cinderella’s stepmothers get better and better though I think Anjelica Huston (picEver After wins for last decade.
Sadly the PR company sponsoring the screening was a little paranoid about cameras, even camera phones and we were let into the theater in small groups, had metal detector wands passed over us, had to empty our pockets and have bags searched. THAT was annoying considering that in general while we are getting a free movie, we’re doing the production company a favor by spreading the word about a film. I wrote a quick e-mail this morning to the local group that sponsors the screening pass giveaways to let them know that they should at least warn guests that they might want to leave bags and electronics at home lest they be seized.
The rest of the evening was peaceful, it was a gorgeous night outside and Matthew walked me home. I’m getting to enjoy that kind of treatment. Getting in was more of the usual Wednesday night fare, I rarely even think about the fact that I’ve given up on Enterprise. I’ll read it all in TWP later anyway. Dave Chappelle’s show was ok, but a joke dragged on a bit. I didn’t get to see Kathy Griffin’s special but it’s on tape so I’ll see it tonight be
fore bed or tomorrow.
The roomie got home and I tried to have conversation.. telling him about the movie. I know he had a pass to it and I assumed we’d see him there, but he didn’t show. He then tells me that he had a pass to it but didn’t have anyone to go with. Now he, Rob, Matthew and I all got 2 passes each to the film, it just happens that Matthew talked to me and I talked to Rob. Roomie didn’t say anything to anyone, but ended our conversation surmising that it wasn’t his fault for not saying anything as Rob could have mentioned, as well, that he had an extra ticket. And I knew it was one of those times that you just let it go… and go to bed. 🙂

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