Miss me?

… Miss me? …

Hugh asked me today when I was going to get back to the blog. I guess I just haven’t felt much like it, even though there’s been a lot going on. I was contacted by Jake to ask if we could be friends again. I spend a lot of time with Sean, Peter & Rob. Work is much the same but I’m feeling much less motivated in the face of a constantly unchanging environment.

I’m on the train now on the way to meet “the gang” for dinner & a movie, sneak preview of I Spy. It defies 2 of my conventons since it’s rare for me to go out as far as Rockville after getting home in the afternoon and I’m riding the train when usually I would drive if I’m going to be out this late. But change is good, right?

Let’s see what else… There’s a Halloween party coming up this month that I’m co-hosting at Peter & Rob’s place. We’re still working out a theme and decor but it looks as if it will all be fine. I haven’t thrown a party since x-mas a few years back so I have a little host anxiety but the last time everything went fine so I shouldn’t worry about it.

There isn’t much else to report aside from Sean & I deciding to do the roommate thing next Spring. We aren’t in hyper-apt-hunting mode yet. Right now I’m focusing on getting rid of junk and things I just don’t use anymore (which is turning out to be a LOT). I don’t think there will be a hitch with the move, and I’ll be back in DC where I belong!

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