good morning, good eats

… good morning, good eats …

Today looks to be a fairly dull day, but hey, that’s my life. I have to head out to Trader Joe’s to pick up chocolate chips ‘cos I don’t want to face a lynch mob at the party wonder where “Brian’s cookies” are. Then there’s laundry, how thrilling! Watching Good Eats after Two Fat Ladies now and realizing, as I watch butter being made, that I haven’t yet had breakfast.

I’ve gotten my webcam going again. The “donation” seems to have failed miserably, since no one that made a donation and got access to the special areas ever seemed to notice that the cam was offline. I’m trying to figure out a way to include the cam image on this page, since that seems to be something people are doing on journals, but I haven’t worked it out yet.

If anyone reads this and has any ideas (there I go again, deluding myself), let me know.

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