slow weekend

… slow weekend …

Ok, not really. Did a lot, actually. Let’s see… Made more steps towards streamlining my computer setup, I installed Jaguar (Mac OS X v10.2) on my mac, which lets it talk to the PCs much more easily. And I even got it to share printers across them all so I don’t have to keep hopping up and switching USB cables everytime I want to print on one or the other. And it’s also pushed my mp3 pirating into full swing since I now funnel them right offline and onto the Mac ‘cos iTunes kicks ass over my other mp3 apps. I’d still love to go wireless, since I’m afraid that eventually I’ll be vaccuming up and the cables are just going to get sucked into the cleaner and never be seen again, but wireless costs money and there are many other things I should be focusing on with that at the moment.

Also did a two-day run at Six Flags, since it was the last weekend of the season and our passes were still good. We also got free passes for next year, though one of mine came apart when I folded it over to put it in my pocket, so only one may be valid. No big deal, since if they don’t add any new rides anytime soon, there’s not much pull for me to go to the park. I like the rides well enough, sure, but one can only ride something so many times before it gets old. I mean due to the short lines yesterday, we did all the major coasters and some minor rides in so short a time, we were ready to go after maybe two hours or so.

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