over? it’s NEVER over!

… over? it’s NEVER over! …

There’s a special place in my chest that tightens up when I see an ex that I’m not completely over, even if its only due to improper closure. It’s usually caused by overwhelming self-control not to be either angry or pathetic. All the while asserting myself as the “right” one and on occasion being a little bit… not snippy, but self-justified.

This happens, even when I’m on the computer, talking to an ex via messenger. Tonight’s chest tightness was Kevin. Who, quite frankly, screwed me around, but if I were in the same room with him, I’d still jump his bones. He informed me that his “wild sexual ways” have caught up with him, and I expressed my total lack of surprise and/or shock. Though now for some reason he thinks he’d be worthy of me and promised to return my tupperware (see here for why he still has it since last February), though I told him that I already replaced it since I assumed I would hear from him ever again. To which he replies “Yeah, I guess I didn’t handle you very well, did I?” – I only responded, “You think?” Ah well, Moose was right, men are stupid.

And in that vein, so far everyone that responded to my personal ad has dropped off the face of e-mail after 1 or 2 messages. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

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