Wherever that little part in your brain that says “stop” is, I wish they’d take it out, or find some little slug you can stick in your ear to eat it away. Wherever it is, it hit me today, admittedly I felt sick anyway, but it was more than that. Since I usually hate being sick I just call in and work from home. But not today, “don’t do anything” was the motif of the day, i didn’t watch tv, barely listened to music or chatted online, couldn’t even focus on playing games, didn’t do laundry, about the only productive thing i did was move my car from its horrible parking space of last night. I only ate food ‘cos I’d be sicker if I didn’t, but there was no enjoyment in it.

Maybe I overdid it this weekend, which was busy, each day had pretty full plans, still I don’t know why it culminated in a totally wasted Monday.

I’m pondering calling my credit card company before bed and asking them to consolidate my credit cards into one account, to make it easier on me. But I should probably hold off since I just changed my due dates with them. These are parts of the little dances I do to make me think I’m making a difference in my debt. Especially since the amount of money I throw at it sure doesn’t seem to do diddley-squibble to it.

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