weekend fast, then weekend slow

weekend fast, then weekend slow. Saw the star trek movie twice, looked at houses a bit. Though not finding things I like. The places themselves seemed small and the neighborhoods not in places that I’d really want to live. It may be falling down to the fact that I can’t afford what I want. So of course, how much am I willing to compromise?

Otherwise it was kinda slow and lonely this weekend. Seems that everyone else has holiday parties to go to except me, and i’m not really feeling like going out lately. a general sense of social disillusionment. so I sit at home, bored, not knowing what I can do that will make me feel occupied and not enough motivation to get up and attempt things to see what you might want to do.

I refused an offer by a friend to “go out” so I’m sure I’ll be branded a grump for a few days for not going. Even though he says he had a boring evening. I figure I can drink at home for much less money and I can do it in my pajamas. What could be better?

Haven’t done any holiday shopping. No idea what people even want, especially not family that hasn’t bothered to let me know even after repeated asking. It’ll serve them right if I just hand out $100 to each of them, which frankly wouldn’t be a bad total for the holiday/birthday/anniversary triple threat that December is to me anyway.

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