pleasant urban moments…

Even yesterday as I was freezing my buns off and my arms were wishing I didn’t need QUITE so many groceries in one trip for the 5-block walk back home from the grocery store… I was still rather happy. I love that I don’t have to get in the car to hit the grocery store for everything I’ll need to do a nice Mediterranean meal for my friends.. well I skipped the wine, but that’s because there’s a liquor store down the block, and if I dropped something, I’d rather not have a bottle be among the contents.
Tonight I’m having friends over and we’re going to watch the first two Matrix movies and while I was prepared to make a good tasting dish that still resembled runny eggs in a bowl of snot, I thought I would try something different. I’ve been enjoying cooking a lot more lately. When the job starts up, I don’t want to lose that, I just will have to make better plans for supermarket trips and such. I’ve really been pondering a grocery delivery service, assuming that it doesn’t cost too much, since the only real surcharge you pay
is a delivery fee, otherwise they honor club discounts and even take coupons.
Tonight’s meal will be Lemon Garlic Chicken Thighs and Basil Roasted Red Potatoes, that should be filling enough to knock anyone flat on their ass to watch a movie or two. Rob’s bringing dessert with him. I don’t know if the roommate will be here this evening or not.

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