Its oh so quiet…

The weekend was pleasantly sedate, I watched Being John Malkovich, Adaptation and L.I.E.
I enjoyed L.I.E. a lot, especially the ending, though from looking at other people’s thoughts of it, they didn’t seem to care for the ending, calling it a “cheap shot” (no pun intended). Otherwise, it was hardly as controversial as some people called it, almost going out of its way to avoid “showing” anything, which seems to be what makes people gasp and swoon in cinema these days, since they assume that movie goers are too stupid to pick up on things that they don’t see.
There’s bowling tonight. I was trying to do some math and I think we could jump up two or three (at least) places in the ranks, we’re currently 13th, but the main thing is that there’s no way we can come in last this time, which is a big improvement for us. Sadly the team coming in first place sandbagged their way into it by creating such low average
s and high handicaps in the beginning of the season that it was impossible not to keep winning based on handicap while occasionally having really good games. Everyone in the league is kinda fed-up with the team, regardless of whether they knew what they were doing or not.
Tonight’s also the bowling potluck,so I’ve made a batch of cookies and a cheesecake, there’s a Winter Wonderland theme, and I looked for cake stencils to dust a design on the cake but honestly I don’t have time for that kinda thing. Very rarely do I go “all out” on baking stuff when it’s not for close friends.
I’ve got to figure out what to get the family for birthday/anniversary/xmas.. I think I managed to get a good flight, using air miles, it’ll only cost me $10 to get home. I figure I’ve earned most of them going to & from home anyway, may as well use them for that now. Not like I go anywhere else, especially now that I’m starting from scratch, vacation wise.

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