mmmm, burgers

In my first mid-day expedition since getting the new job, I headed over to Union Station to pick up my tickets for Turkey Day. It’s COLD outside, to say the least. It was gorgeous yesterday and seems to have dropped to the 30’s this morning and not much more for the rest of the day. Ugh.
But the good thing is that on my excursion I decided to get lunch, shocker! So I’m wandering around the food court, really wanting a burger when I see Johnny Rockets has plenty of tables open. The service was a little slow, but the food… *mmmmmm* – It probably blew my calories for the day but what a way to go, eh?
I’m a little scared too, the lines in the train station were HUGE to board a train. I don’t mind waiting, but I hate when giant lines start to form, because everyone
in them gets irate and impatient and some people always wonder if they’re in the right line, if there needs to be a line and you can always sense a line coup forming someplace behind you. I’ll just try to get there early and save myself the hassle. It’s just a 2 hr train ride for goodness’ sake. Perhaps fate is preparing me for it though, I forgot my book today and maybe I shouldn’t read anymore this evening, save it up for the train and the frozen dessert on my lap. 🙂 Tonight can be a nice easy evening of packing and watching the CarnivĂ le tape from Rob & Peter. Perhaps I’ll make them a nice cheesecake or something to thank them for taping them all this season. It would have been a shame to lose that in the divorce. I haven’t packed for a trip all year, so I’m sure I’ll have too many things or too few… Ah well, it’s a vacation!

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