it’s so tiny!

I truly do love my new camera. I took a few shots on the way to work this morning, I’m using “point & shoot” mode until I really get familiar with it, but it seems to be doing very well. There’s a huge memory card in it too, so I have no worries about running out of room for pics. I’m not sure about the power consumption, but I guess I’ll figure that out in time.
Praise the lord, I miscalculated my financial situation.. it’s still not the best, but I have a “survivable” amount to get by on for the next week & a 1/2, but it still leaves no room for excessiveness. And it seems that I didn’t lose my checks, but that I never got more than a small order to start with. And I have to admit, over 9 months, I did go through them rather slowly.
I don’t know what the day will bring aside from working on The Document From Heck. It’s not so bad, really, until I started working on the pictures. I gotta admit, clean & straightforward HTML is starting to sound really good to me right now.
There’s an out of town friend in town this week, so I’ll probably hang out with him more than a few nigh
ts, as he’s here on “vacation”.. he could have chosen a better time weather-wise, but what ya gonna do?
I need gloves. I normally hate wearing them since I like to be able to use my hands/fingers when I’m outside, and I’ve yet to be able to find a pair large enough, but that would let me manipulate say.. a cell phone if I needed to. Maybe that can be the one thing I actually go shopping for during this time of poorness.

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