dirty rotten bloodsucker

I installed the new Vampire The Masquerade game “Bloodlines” – and it’s a massive improvement over the previous game “Redemption”, though a lot more PC intensive, graphics and sound wise. It looks like a First Person shooter and aspects of combat do have that necessity, but overall it’s pure roleplaying, the speech options seem the same for most clans aside from Malkavians, you actually have to think about what you’re going to say because some of your options don’t seem to make any sense!
I broke the masquerade many times in my first character.. using Celerity in plain view of the public is NOT a good thing. But it was cool to watch. The RP aspect comes into play everywhere, as the first mission your character is assigned is to retrieve explosives from a beach house filled with drug dealers and thugs. You can shoot your way through the place.. talk your way through and then kill the leader.. or head around back and cut the power to the house, forcing them into darkness and eventually they’ll come to you.
Alas, I had to uninstall it though as *something* was causing my machine to randomly reboot, so I
figured I’d step it back a few times manually on my own before rolling it back using Windows, and it seems ok now. I’d have been especially pissed if it rebooted while I was watching Eddie Izzard: Unrepeatable, which was a nice way to end the evening and get back into “Work” mode. *bleh*

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