from The War Prayer

‘My shoes are too tight, but it doesn’t matter, because I have forgotten have to dance’.
Seriously though, my feet hurt. I decided, against reason to wear my KC kick around shoes instead of my Reeboks for the walk into the office today. I have no idea why since I normally wear the “sneakers” in and keep them on all day as I’m never called away for a meeting with anyone important. But this morning Fate’s coin came up tails instead of heads and there you are. I’d love to blame it on the full moon, but it hasn’t reached “full” yet.
M-113 salt creature from The Man Trap I’m probably just cranky because I eat light at the office, while over the weekend I was rather overindulgent. I made a quick Beef Stroganoff that was a little too yummy. My food weakness isn’t sugar/candy, it’s salt. I do love to bake, true, but I’d take a bag of chips, pack of ham, and some slabs of bacon anyday. I’ve been a little better about not putting quite so much salt into my food while I cook it, but that only means I dump more on when I serve it (after tasting it, of course). That was my biggest issue with the Slim-Fast shakes. They’re SHAKES, not only does that not get it into my head, the habits I need to avoid to lose weight, but it’s also like drinking candy 2 or 3 times a day, and that ain’t cutting it for me. Hm, great, now I want a steak.

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