It’s not fair…

I went to bed early, got up early, even before my alarm.. got dressed, got ready and was out the door in good time, and then I hit the streets, barely feeling the cold, good music in my ears, thinking it’s Friday, and I’m getting in early, what could be better?

Service suspended on portions of Blue and Orange lines
Service has been suspended between Minnesota Avenue and Eastern Market on the Orange line and between Benning Road and Eastern Market on the Blue line. This suspension is in support of police activity and is presently adding a 30 minute delay in service. A bus shuttle to connect the affected stations is being established. We regret your inconvenience.

So I sit on the train for a good 20 mins and luckilly we get moving.. one station. But it’s a transfer point, so I hop off to change to another train go two more stations and change again. I know, whiny, but still when you’re used to getting on one train and that’s it, changing around gets you all off-balance. When I got to my station I
left by the wrong entrance and had to walk around 2 blocks to get my bearings.
I’m actually having coffee this morning, as it was a means to socialize with a co-worker and hell, anything that gets you away from your desk for a little while…

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