work work work

I made it in, woke up with a few aching bones/joints/muscles, whatever but I managed to get up, get into the shower and get out the door.
I even passed around some holiday cards for the office folk, I feel a bit bad for being out yesterday, but since most of us work on our own things and don’t really depend upon one another for work, it’s not as if I was missed too terribly.
Of all the meds I packed into my bag for the office, I should have brought some q-tips with me. My ears are on overtime cerumen production, I guess that’s from being sick, but I’m sure the plane ride will take care of that. The lovely pressure *POP* of your inner ear exploding.
I will say that I’m extremely impressed with Alka Seltzer cold medicine. In addition to being entertaining to watch fizzle, it tastes good and works fast. (not a paid endorsement)

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