Ah movies…

Netflix sent me confirmation that Kill Bill Vol. 1 is being mailed out to me today! Woo! It’s a carefully timed art when you’re trying to get a movie sent out to you on the day of/before it’s released since I know that rental stores and retail locations have it in stock at least a day or two earlier. I’ve had people complain to me in the past that places aren’t supposed to do that, but that’s usually people who wish that they had stuff as quickly if not before me. Everyone wants the new little black dress first.
Best Buy is dangling a deal to get Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs for $20 in my face. I’ve never seen Reservoir Dogs, and never had an inkling to do so, so my brain is still seeing it as paying $20 for a movie I do want and having a piece of fluff thrown in for free (more like clearing out overstocked dvds).
I’m thinking that I’ll wait until QT decides what he wants to release, like perhaps an unrated double movie edition with the Japanese cut of t
he movie which is longer and more (?) violent than the one we got. In interviews even he’s said he plans to release Vol 1, then Vol 2 and maybe a combined set. Additionally he’s already thinking about a Vol 3 in the works using Nikki to take revenge on the Bride for killing her mother. (Like we didn’t all see the setup for that coming)

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